Many landlords and even professional property managers who look at a credit report might not know exactly what to look for that would 'flag' a person as undesirable. Each member of our staff has at least ten years of experience identifying undesirable tenants, so we recognize and know most of all of the 'scams'. Furthermore, you'll notice that more and more tenants carry in a copy of a report of their own to show the prospective landlord. Be advised that these can be altered; and how often have you seen these reports and wondered '...what is important or relevant, and what isn't?' There is no substitute for experience in the credit reporting/tenant screening industry.

Cost is always an issue to our clients, so we offer reasonable rates. In addition to credit reporting, we personally call landlords to verify rental references and employment history (for an additional fee). Most of our competitors do not offer this service as it requires time and effort to analyze each report . They would rather point you to their Web site for this information and charge you a nominal fee for it, but provide no analysis or feedback that you can use. They tend to rely on eviction databases which are spotty at best. These databases originate from court records for eviction filings and their accuracy is limited as courts do not require social security numbers of evictees; only their names are provided. Many of the evicted tenants will change names and social security numbers regularly. We also have access to eviction information and carefully compare and analyze items for any irregularities.

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